Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022: Online Form, Tarbandi Yojana Registration

Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022 has been launched by the state government, through the scheme small and marginal farmers of the state will be benefited. Under this scheme, financial assistance will be provided to the farmers by the state government for fencing the fields to protect the farmers from stray animals. With the help of which small and marginal farmers can keep their crops safe from stray animals. By applying under Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana , farmers can get the benefit of financial help related to Tarbandi . Today we will provide you information about how to do Tarbandi Yojana Registration through this article, so to get the full benefits of the scheme, you should read our article till the end.

What is Rajasthan Tarbandi Scheme?

Through Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022 , an important scheme has been started by the state government to protect the oilseed crops of farmers from Nilgai and stray animals and to prevent the loss of crops to the farmers. Farmers have to face some kind of trouble related to farming, sometimes due to the weather and sometimes due to the outbreak of pests. Because of which they suffer a lot of financial loss. For this reason, to keep the crop safe, the Rajasthan government is helping the farmers to do fencing in the fields. In which half of the cost of fencing the farmers will be borne by the state government.

In Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana , all the farmers of the general caste, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe of the state have been included to apply. The benefit of this scheme will be extended to the farmers of all those districts of the state. Where there is always the danger of stray animals and Nilgai.

Tarbandi Yojana -Registration Highlights

NameRajasthan Tarbandi Yojana Online Form
Launchedby Rajasthan State Government
DepartmentAgriculture Department Rajasthan
BeneficiarySmall and Marginal Farmers of the State
Providing financial help to farmers for wirebandi
The year2022
Relief fundUp to Rs.3 lakh 96 thousand
The gainBenefit of Tarbandi Financial Amount
Official websitewww.agriculture.rajasthan.gov.in

What is the purpose of Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana?

The main objective of the Tarbandi scheme is to keep the crops of farmers safe from stray animals and Nilgai, for which the government is providing the benefit of financial assistance to the small and marginal farmers present in the state. There are many farmers in Rajasthan whose financial condition is weak, they are not able to provide that system to keep their crops safe so that they can keep the crop safe. In such a situation, farmers have to face lot of losses in farming. To prevent all these problems, Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022 has been started by the state government for the benefit of the farmers . To protect the crops of the farmers from the terror of stray animals, prevention of losses in agriculture will be done through the Tarbandi scheme.

Benefits of Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022

  • Under the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana , all the small and marginal farmers of the state will be benefited from the scheme, who have agricultural land ranging from 3 hectares to 5 hectares.
  • Financial assistance will be provided to them by the government for the protection of stray animals.
  • Under the Tarbandi scheme, farmers can make a better production in the agricultural sector.
  • The financial assistance to the farmers under the Tarbandi scheme will be transferred to the bank account of the applicant farmer.
  • Farmers will be given grant under Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana for fencing of 400 meters .
  • Under Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana , farmers can easily complete the farming work without fear of any animal.
  • To keep the farmer’s crop safe , the government will provide the benefit of up to 50 percent assistance to the farmer under the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana . In which the farmer will get the expenditure up to 40 thousand rupees under the scheme.
  • To complete the scheme, 50 percent contribution will be given by the farmer.
  • Under the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana , prevention will be done on the loss caused to the farmers in agriculture .
  • By securing the crop, farmers can get a better income.
  • The amount of grant will be provided on the basis of categories in the bank savings account of the beneficiary farmer. In which 17.83 percent farmers belonging to Scheduled Castes and 13.48 percent to Scheduled Tribe applicants and 30% to women farmers will be given priority for participation.

Rajasthan Tarbandi Scheme Eligibility and Criteria

Candidates have to fulfill some essential eligibility to fill the application form of Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana . Only after fulfilling these eligibility you can apply for Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana. These eligibility are as follows –

  • According to the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana , farmers will be eligible to apply online only. Applications made through offline will not be accepted under the scheme.
  • Only small and marginal farmers present in the state will be eligible for Tarbandi Yojana Registration  .
  • Only farmers who are permanent residents of the state are eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • To apply under Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana , only those farmers of the state who have (0.5) cultivable land are eligible.
  • Benefit under the scheme will be provided to a farmer only if the wire is fenced up to a maximum of 400 meters.
  • The same farmer is eligible for the benefit of grant in Tarbandi Yojana Registration , through whom the Aadhar card number has also been displayed during the registration.
  • It is mandatory to link the bank account of the applicant farmer with the Aadhar card.

Tarbandi Yojana Registration Required Documents

Applicants will need some important documents for Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022 . We are telling you about these documents through the important points given below. These documents are as follows –

  1. Aadhar card of applicant farmer
  2. permanent residence certificate
  3. land related documents
  4. Ration card
  5. All details of bank account linked with aadhar card
  6. Affidavit
  7. mobile number
  8. Passport size photograph of applicant farmer
  9. income certificate

How to fill Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022 Online Form?

Interested candidates can apply by filling the online form of Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana by adopting the process mentioned by us . We are telling you this process through some easy steps. These steps are as follows –

  • To fill the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana online form , first of all the applicant has to go to his nearest E-Mitra center.
  • After receiving all the information related to the scheme from the operator of the E Mitra center, the process of online application has to be completed.
  • Submit all your documents to E Mitra center to fill online application form through kiosk.
  • After this, after entering all the information in the online application form by the kiosk, all the documents will be scanned and uploaded along with the application form.
  • After filling the application form by the Kiosk Karta, finally the receipt of the application form will be received.
  • After this, the online application forms will be scrutinized by the concerned officials of the office. After the verification is completed, the applicant will be informed through SMS.
  • After all the process is successful, the applicant farmer will get the benefit under the scheme.
  • In this way the process of online registration of the applicant farmer in the Tarbandi scheme will be completed.

Some questions and answers related to Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana 2022

Why has the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana been started?

This scheme has been started by the Rajasthan government to protect the crops of small and marginal farmers living in the state from wild animals and nilgai.

How much subsidy will be given to the farmers under the Tarbandi scheme?

A grant of 50 percent will be provided to the beneficiary farmers under the Tarbandi scheme, whose maximum financial amount will be up to forty thousand rupees.

Upto how many meters of fencing subsidy will be provided to the applicant farmers?

A subsidy of up to fifty percent will be provided to the applicant farmers for 400 meters of fencing.

Can farmers apply for Tarbandi scheme through offline?

No, in the Tarbandi scheme, the applicant farmers can apply online from the E-Mitra center or from the E-Mitra portal only. 
The application made by the beneficiary farmers through offline will not be accepted by the department.

Will the farmers of all the districts of the state be benefited under the Rajasthan Tarbandi Yojana?

Yes, this scheme has been implemented in all those districts of the state where crops are destroyed by stray animals.

On the basis of what category the applicant farmer has been included under the Tarbandi scheme?

No, all the small marginal farmers belonging to the general category and the lower category are included to apply under the Tarbandi scheme.

helpline number

In this article of ours, all types of information related to the Rajasthan Tarbandi scheme have been shared, if the beneficiary farmer is facing any kind of problem-related to the scheme, then he can call on the helpline number given below and get the solution of his problem. can do.

Contact Number :141-2227849 : 9414287733
E-Mail : [email protected]
Address :- Room No. 238, Pant Krishi Bhawan, C-Scheme, Jaipur – 302 005

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