This interactive website is a part of the INDO-US Agriculture Knowledge Initiatives (AKI) project entitled, “Information

and  Communication Technologies for  Capacity Building in Water Management: US-India Collaborative Extension/Outreach and Distance Education”.  An attempt has been made to identify needs of the farmers and consequently exploring best practices relevant to the needs of capacity building of small, marginal farmers and especially women in the field of water management. This interactive and agriculture information website is developed by Dr.  (Mrs.) Swarn Lata Arya, Principal Scientist, (Agricultural Economics), the PI of the project. Dr. Arya is involved in the socio-economic evaluation of watershed development projects and the impact of these projects on social and economic status of rural women. She is the recipient of “Outstanding Women Agricultural Scientist Award” and “Multi-Disciplinary Team Research Award” of ICAR.

                  Modern agriculture is highly knowledge intensive and requires the support of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for planning and decision making of agricultural crop management. Use ICT can play an important role in linking knowledge seekers to knowledge sources. It can accelerate agricultural development by providing more accessible, complete, timely and accurate information at the appropriate moment to those making key decisions on the ground. Access through ICT means can also make significant contribution in the empowerment of women as well as productivity enhancement in diverse farm and non-farm activities.
                  This website www.gsgk.org.in is aimed to link rural farm communities with researchers, intermediaries and markets through an interface of information and communication technology in near future. We have tried our best to provide all possible Information and troubleshooting measures in an effective and interactive manner in local language. Still the site is at developing stage.  Any related comments and suggestions   are highly appreciated.
   The useful help by Sh. Shailendra Kumar Yadav in collection of technical information and interlinking in the site provided is thankfully acknowledged.
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